Sunday 9 October 2022

3,4 AND 5

While watching Bathurst most of the day I have completed the 5th octagon. Last time I showed you block 3 in progress and here it is finished.

I unpulled octagon 1 that I had nearly completed incorrectly a few years ago and redid it.

                                      Octagons 4 and 5.

I really need to purchase some proper blocking equipment for my crochet projects as I have never done any blocking before....for those who don't crochet this means the blocks are pinned to their correct shape and sprayed with water ...I think lol. As you can see in previous pics I have pinned the octagons to polystyrene boards I had tucked away but haven't sprayed them. It was just to show the octagon shape correctly. I think I bought the boards years ago to make as block keepers for my little handpieced quilts. I also think it may have been Chooky who had this idea??? 


  1. Looking lovely Ondrea. I dont think I had quite realised that all your octagons were different colourwise - in the version I did they were all the same which made life a little easier. However, seeing yours progress I am almost tempted to make another! xx

  2. Your blocks are looking fabulous Ondrea! I shouldn't worry about buying special equipment if what you are doing is working! Hugs Christine xx

  3. Your blocks look amazing. Yes, spray them with water. I wouldn't worry about special equipment is the styrene boards are working.



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