Sunday, 6 March 2022



Yey! I have finished hand stitching 6 rows of my little Civil War quilt with only 2 more rows to do. 

      Now to raid my stash seeking fabric for the borders.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book , one of the books given to me for Christmas from my youngest daughter. I think I have previously mentioned I share an interest of cults with my daughter . The psychology of it fascinates me. Sadly, too many people get caught up in many cults around the world.

Looks like this post is doing strange things. It disappeared on me , I got it back, and now the text is different sizes. I have no idea why. It has been a stressful week with hubby trying to manage pain unsuccessfully and this is a minor hiccup in comparison so I won't try to redo the post.

Take care and keep safe.


  1. LOVE your little are clever! The psychology of cults is amazing....I must admit it makes me scratch my head just our vulnerable some folks are...sorry hubby is having a difficult time of late xx

  2. Your little quilt is looking lovely and I am glad you enjoyed your book. Hope your husband feels better soon! Hugs Christine xx

  3. Blogger works in mysterious ways! Your tiny quilt top is looking good. Hope Hubby finds some relief from his pain.

  4. Looking lovely Ondrea. Sorry to hear your husband has not been good - I hope he gets relief from the pain soon. xx

  5. Love the little quilt... hope your hubby's pain gets under control.

  6. Blogger can be very annoying at times. Great progress on your mini quilt. Hope hubby gets the pain under is very hard for you both. Take care.

  7. Wonderful progress on your mini quilt, you are nearly there. I hope hubby's pain can be brought under control, it is a challenge isn't it!



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