Sunday, 16 January 2022



I have been plodding along with my projects between 2 FMS flare ups this past week. Our weather is all over the place with some lovely warm or hot days , which I much prefer, but much cooler days thrown in. It is these cooler days that cause my flare ups and I am not amused. One would not know that we are in the middle of summer. So, what have I finished? Well, I added a few extra bits to the embroidery which I copied from the designer's pic and completed it yesterday. I just need to find a frame or hoop to hang it. 

A few more rows have been added to my blanket. It is so good to have a project that I can just pick up and put down whenever the mood takes me . 

It is a beautiful warm day today and I am sitting outside listening to the pretty parrots in our apple tree and enjoying some peace while I can. I hope you are keeping safe and well.


  1. Such a delicate pretty stitchery. This up and down weather is very hard to adjust to. Stay well and happy stitching.

  2. Your embroidery looks fabulous Ondrea and I love that blanket! Hope you are feeling better and have had some time to relax and recuperate. Hugs Christine xx

  3. Loving both blanket and embroidery! I hope your weather settles to a happy medium for you, my friend, though having lived in Melbourne through the 80’s I remember how changeable it is….and I’ve never lived anywhere else with weather like that. Of course up here it’s only hot, hotter and scorching. 🙄

  4. The weather seems so up and down..... I love that very pretty embroidery you have done and seeing your blanket has reminded me I should do some of mine...

  5. Well done on the finish Ondrea, beautiful embroidery and crochet. I have a crochet blanket pack in the cupboard I should get down! The weather has been strange lately, I must say I prefer the cooler days, not a big fan of the humid! The holiday makers have been enjoying the heat and the beach. Are the parrots eating your apples? I went tot check on the plum tree yesterday, the rainbow lorikeets have cleaned it out, with the exception of a few I have covered with laundry wash bags!

  6. That embroidery is just gorgeous Ondrea. The blanket is lovely too.



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