Monday, 11 January 2021



Oh dear! I apologise for my last post, the 1st one for the year, turned out all higgildy piggildy. Well, it did my end! For some reason the font was different sizes and I can't seem to attach links.  So, here's hoping this one is okay. I never received email notifications of comments either .

I have done very little stitching due to health issues with hubby and myself but I find that a little stitching here and there certainly lifts my spirits. Jennyhas a lovely monthly club called Let's Stitch Again and this is one of January's stitcheries that I started.

I still haven't pieced all my blocks together from Gail's B.O.M last year but it is on my list to do this week.

Stay safe and well.


  1. Sorry to hear you are under the weather. You have made a lovely start on your new stitchery project x

  2. That is a beautiful stitchery Ondrea.
    Hopefully yours and hubbies health improves very soon.

  3. Such a true saying. Hope that you are both on top of your game again soon.

  4. Sorry to hear you have been unwell. That stitchery is a pretty one - I do like Jenny's designs. xx



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