Sunday 16 August 2020


This past week has been another slow one. Fatigue has visited me the last 3 days which means I haven't done much stitching but I did stitch a bit beforehand .

June's stitcheries are finished and the little circular one is the last of May's.

I decided to do the bouquet bow with fill -in  back stitches instead of satin stitch.  I just had enough of the purple thread and ended up with a mere 4" left ! Soooo lucky.

With a bit of luck I can start stitching July's this afternoon but it will take a bit to get in the zone. I am hoping to visit all your blogs soon. I only seem to post once a week and I tend to look at your blogs weekly too. I am sorry if I have missed some of your posts as I know some of you post more often.

Keep safe and well.

Angel Blessings.


  1. Sorry you have been below par Ondrea. Your stitcheries are looking lovely. Feel better soon xx

  2. Lovely stitching. I really need to catch up on my Wish you well project.

  3. Sorry you have not been too good Ondrea - hope you are starting to feel better. Pretty stitcheries - so lucky with that thread. xx

  4. Hi Ondrea sorry you haven't been feeling good. Your work is so pretty ,you always do beautiful work,well done my friend . I don't get on the computermuch anymore either ,take care and stay safe Ondrea xx

  5. Your blocks are beautiful Ondrea, sorry to hear you have not been so well, hopefully this week will be a better one for you.

  6. Hope you are feeling better... doing so well with the stitcheries....

  7. Love how you have filled in the bow. Healing wishes winging their way to you. Take care and pace yourself.

  8. Beautiful stitching Ondrea! I really must start working on my blocks again. Have a lovely week! Christine xx

  9. Lovely stitcheries, Ondrea. Hope you're feeling better soon. xx



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