Tuesday, 12 February 2019


Despite having to deal with the aftermath of the horrendous floods, Jenny has still managed to link us up this week with the book study. I, for one, appreciate Jenny's effort considering everything she has endured. Thankyou Jenny.

This week we ponder the tv series and movies we have loved and still do love. Wow! So many.

TV series.... As a child I loved Hazel, The Dick Van Dyke Show and Petticoat Junction. Creeping into my teenage years came The Brady Bunch and my heart just went ca thump ca thump watching gorgeous David Cassidy in The Partridge Family. It saddens me that he has now gone to the big music festival in the sky. Later on came The Waltons and The Sullivans and my fav of all time series Little House on the Praire. A bit further on I always got a laugh watching The Gilmore Girls.

Now, movies... hmmmm I loved all the Shirley Temple movies, and the classics such as Gone With the Wind and Jane Eyre.  Then there was the very funny Ma and Pa Kettle fims, and Doris Day with Rock Hudson in Pillow Talk. I still have a laugh watching Lucille Ball in The Long Long Trailer and I love Fried Green Tomatoes, The Ghost and Mrs Muir, and To Kill A Mockingbird. Needless to say, I have few DVDs of the above mentioned movies and TV series.

No pics today and I hope I haven't bored you. I would love to know your favourites.

                                                            Angel Blessings


  1. I was a David Cassidy admirer too. ;-) I also enjoyed The Ghost and Mrs Muir and had completely forgotten about it. Not that I remember any domestic scenes in either shows (though they would be there) but it's reminded me once more of simpler times. Miss them. x

  2. I too loved the Waltons and Gone with the Wind but had not heard of many of your favourites. Doris Day is always a favourite. xx

  3. Oh Ondrea lots of wonderful memories you have shared for me too! A TV show I loved was Family....never ever see it on reruns! Too many movies I love to choose. Thanks for reminding me xx

  4. Hi Ondrea wow you bought up some memories there of shows that I had forgotten about ,I loved Ma and Pa kettle they were so funny ,I must see if you tube have reruns xx

  5. I didn't see many of those TV programmes, but loved Fried Green Tomatoes, am a big Fan of the Sister Act movies, the Abba movie, love MASH, you have got me thinking now!!

  6. I loved your post. You listed so many of my favorites that I had forgotten. I've watched all of them, although I don't recall the Sullivans. I'll have to see if the library has it :)



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