Friday, 18 January 2019


I have finished reading my first book for the year. I always loved this author's books but haven't kept up with any new ones of hers for several years so I was delighted to discover one I hadn't read when I was shopping in the city with my daughter a few months back. I was not disappointed.

                        I am on the 2nd round of the CAL and I am loving the colours.

I have finally made a start on some pincushions which I have been collecting from Jenny's blog. Jenny has the latest free pincushion design on her blog today.

I really need to get a move on with my stitching before I fall even further behind than I already am. I have my eye on another project so I really must be more disciplined.

                                   May your days be filled with creative abundance.

                                                               Angel Blessings


  1. Hi Ondrea ,glad you found your book,sounds great. Wow your crocheting is so pretty love the pattern and your sticheries are cute,well done my friend you have been busy xx

  2. Always lovely to find a good book. Your crochet is looking gorgeous. xx

  3. Your CAL looks beautiful! Always nice to have a good old read. I treated myself to another Liz Bryski book yesterday after a very frustrating day.....much better :) Sweet stitcheries there too xx

  4. Thanks for the suggestion of an author. I have added her to my list. I am drooling over that gorgeous crocheting.

  5. Good you have enjoyed your book, nothing better than an engrossing read. Your CAL looks fantastic Ondrea, love the colours. Your stitcheries are very pretty, I am sure you will catch up no problems.

  6. I love the colours you have used in your crocheting, Ondrea. Your stitcheries are coming along nicely. All I've done so far is saved the files ready for "one day"!

  7. Beautiful stitching on your pinnies. Looking forward to checking out your author.



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