Tuesday 6 March 2018


 I am a day early but I wanted to be part of Anthea's EPP Tuesdays ( see right sidebar for the link). As I have no idea if I shall have time to post tomorrow I thought I would share my Kaleidoscope block progress now.  Do not look too closely at the central part ( yeah, now you will deliberately look hehehe) as I have stuffed  the fussy cutting up. I had no more fabric left so I just did it anyway. I figure I shall make this block into a table mat so I can cover the centre bit with a vase or candle so no one will see it.

I am still building this new blog with gadgets so please be patient with me.
Angel Blessings


  1. Hi Ondrea i think your center looks fantastic,i cant see any mistake this is going to be lovely Ondrea xx

  2. We are our own worst enemy with our own work so a friend told me the other day....I think it looks fantastic O..xxxxx

  3. Well I think the centre looks great! I get so bamboozled with some of my fussy cutting.

  4. Ah ha I have found you again!! Loving the fussy cutting.



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