Thursday 29 March 2018


              I have completed the 2nd EPP fussy cut block for the back of the folder I am making.

The next step is to needle turn both blocks to some background fabric which is a border fabric with a vertical pattern.  This fabric is fussy cut into 8 large triangles.
4 of these triangles make this. ( I have not stitched them together yet).
Here's the problem.... there is much more fabric than pictured above yet I still only managed to cut 6 triangles with the repeat pattern. I could not work out how to get 8 no matter how I tried. So, now I am hoping that Sandy has some of this fabric left to make the 2 triangles required to complete this project.  Fingers and toes crossed. Why oh why do I keep challenging myself with this fussy cutting ?
Hope you have had more success with your stitching.
Angel Blessings.


  1. How annoying. I hope that you can get the extra fabric.

  2. oh dear Ondrea fingers crossed Sandy has more of that fabric,i am really liking what you are doing though Ondrea ,keep going i think you will be very happy once its finished my friend xx

  3. Hope you can get more Ondrea...looking lovely though x

  4. Love the block pick...... Hopefully Sandy should be able to fix you up......

  5. Don't we always have such great ideas and worry about the details later? Hopefully you will get your hands on more of that fabric!

  6. Oh bugger! I really hope you can get some more of the fabric Ondrea... fussy-cutting creates such a beautiful look but can be tricky that's for sure.



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