Sunday 7 April 2024



Ta da! My mini crosstitch is done! The pattern does have a few large crosses surrounding it but I am not sure that I want to include them. I may even add my own ideas or just leave it as is. 

Did I wait long before I started another one? Nope! Finished the mini last night and started this one today. All shall be revealed as it grows.

I now have a request from my eldest grandson to do a couple of Pokemon ones for him which means a couple for his brother too lol. Looks like crosstitching shall occupy me for quite a while now. I just hope those quilt UFOs are not forgotten. 

Question.... how do you iron out the creases from the aida cloth? I have tried spraying water on it and ironing it and also used steam but the creases are still there. ( the finished one in the pic has not be re ironed since finishing).  Grrrr. 

I have had a few bloggers comments going to my junk mail lately and they only appear on my laptop. As I don't use my laptop all the time I may have not seen some of them as they only remain for a few days. So, if I have not acknowledged your comments  please accept my apologies. I am now making sure I check my laptop regularly. 


  1. Nice finish Ondrea and an intriguing new start! Sorry I can not help with your Aida problem but it is a frustrating one. Have a lovely week. xx

  2. love the cross stitch that looks like quilt blocks.... good to be getting requests for them! At my group someone suggested a wet towel and steam pressing with the iron for the creases.. .but they are very stubborn...

  3. That mini is so cute. Yes it sounds like you will be busy stitching. LOL
    To remove stubborn creases I wet the aida cloth, then wrap it in a fluffy towel for an hour or so, then when I go back I press it dry with my iron, I start on steam then turn the steam off and just use a dry iron. I leave the design face down in a dry corner of the towel,, so that the stitches don't get squished. Hope that helps.



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