Sunday 17 November 2019


Not much crafty stuff has been happening here over the last 3 weeks due to a horrible dose of conjunctivitis that kept coming back but I was able to manage some crochet. In my last post I had made a couple of squares from a new CAL using some of my stash and I have since made some more. The interesting ( or annoying) thing is that despite using the same yarn and same hook some squares turned out larger than the others.

I am told that blocking will solve the problem and only time will tell.

Meanwhile this coming week is topsy turvy with my daughter just discharged from hospital today and going back tomorrow. So, grandma is on call. 

Angel Blessings.


  1. Your crochet looks lovely but how strange that they are such different sizes! So sorry to read that you have been unwell, lets hope it has all cleared up now. Love to you and your family who seem to be having a hard time. xx

  2. How strange that the squares are not the same size. Do you think that it is because they are different designs? Sending healing wishes to your family. What would the world do without grandmas. They have to be very adaptable at times.

  3. Beautiful crochet....Hope It works out when you block it. You sure are having some trials at the moment Ondrea....sending hugs to you xx

  4. The crochet squares are beautiful. I hope the blocking solves the problem and I hope you and your family all recover quickly! Christine xx

  5. Beautiful crochet blocks Ondrea, hope the blocking works well. Hope your daughter recovers well and all the sickness leaves the family. Xx



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