Monday 3 April 2023



I was so happy when the yarn arrived from the UK a few days ago so I can get back to crocheting my grandson's green blanket. 

I do love the organza bags they come in and use the larger ones to store my finished crocheted blankets. I also ordered 3 extra balls for the blanket I have been working on as I underestimated the amount in my stash . It seems to be a common problem for me. Here is my progress before I put it away to continue my grandson's blanket.

It was my birthday on the weekend which sneaked up on me. I thought it was next weekend until my dear mum reminded me lol. She insisted on organising afternoon tea at my home , bringing everything ( except the champers) and organising my eldest daughter to bring a cake. So, I was blessed to have my gorgeous parents, eldest daughter , son in law and my 2 grandsons celebrate with me. 


Hubby brought home some beautiful roses on Friday. They are a deeper red than shown in the pic, absolutely beautiful.

My parents gave me this lovely cyclamen. I don't have a good history with cyclamens so I hope I can nurture this one better.

Sadly, my youngest daughter and her partner had other things to cope with. The vet was coming to their home to say farewell to their much loved cat who had ongoing health issues for the past couple of years which they had tried to overcome but eventually lost the battle. They gave him some very comfortable and pampered extra years. One of my own cats passed away several years ago on my birthday too. So, it was a bitter sweet birthday but one I hold dear because both my parents were able to celebrate with me as well as my other daughter and her family. 

Pets are always in our hearts just like our family.


  1. Happy Birthday!! Looks like you had a lovely afternoon with your family. The crochet blanket is looking soooooo fabulous. Love the colours you've chosen. Sorry to hear about your daughters cat xx

  2. Happy Birthday! I was wondering why you had not posted at the weekend. What a lovely way to celebrate - just sad that your other daughter could not be with you. Looking forward to seeing more crochet progress next week now that you have your yarn shipment. xx

  3. Happy Birthday. Lovely to spend time with family.

  4. happy happy day and lovely to be spoilt.... I love the organza bags too - they are so useful afterwards.

  5. Great the wool has arrived, Happy birthday!! Lovely you had most of your family there.

  6. Happy Birthday Ondrea! So glad that you were able to celebrate with family. Sorry to hear about your daughter's cat. Furry friends really steal your heart and it is so difficult to lose them. Your crocheted blanket is looking spectacular and I am glad the wool arrived for your grandson's blanket. Will look forward to seeing that soon! Hugs Christine xx

  7. Oh what a precious celebration with your family, and Ondrea, those handsome young boys have grown so much! Happy and blessed (belated) birthday...but in our family birthday's last a week, so I pray you are still being spoiled. Roses and a plant - best gifts. Love that rug you are crocheting!