Tuesday, 12 February 2019


Despite having to deal with the aftermath of the horrendous floods, Jenny has still managed to link us up this week with the book study. I, for one, appreciate Jenny's effort considering everything she has endured. Thankyou Jenny.

This week we ponder the tv series and movies we have loved and still do love. Wow! So many.

TV series.... As a child I loved Hazel, The Dick Van Dyke Show and Petticoat Junction. Creeping into my teenage years came The Brady Bunch and my heart just went ca thump ca thump watching gorgeous David Cassidy in The Partridge Family. It saddens me that he has now gone to the big music festival in the sky. Later on came The Waltons and The Sullivans and my fav of all time series Little House on the Praire. A bit further on I always got a laugh watching The Gilmore Girls.

Now, movies... hmmmm I loved all the Shirley Temple movies, and the classics such as Gone With the Wind and Jane Eyre.  Then there was the very funny Ma and Pa Kettle fims, and Doris Day with Rock Hudson in Pillow Talk. I still have a laugh watching Lucille Ball in The Long Long Trailer and I love Fried Green Tomatoes, The Ghost and Mrs Muir, and To Kill A Mockingbird. Needless to say, I have few DVDs of the above mentioned movies and TV series.

No pics today and I hope I haven't bored you. I would love to know your favourites.

                                                            Angel Blessings

Monday, 11 February 2019


While my flowers are wilting and dying off outside my crocheted cushion is blooming.

It is such a pleasure seeing it grow .

But that is all I have done.

Angel Blessings.

Saturday, 9 February 2019


Oh me oh my, what topsy turvy weather we are having! Yesterday was a very pleasant warm day that didn't see me reaching for the air con remote , the day before was quite hot and we had the air con on in the afternoon so our little munchkin wouldn't get too hot and today the weather is rather cool. Can you believe it? I have the heating on! My FMS is acting up with the change of weather and I am not only aching all over but I am feeling very fatigued. I haven't been doing any stitching and I am still waiting for week 7 of the CAL to crochet the borders on my throw/ knee rug. Itching to do some more crochet I pondered whether to extend my blanket to make it rectangular rather than square but then I saw a matching crocheted cushion on Lucy's blog which captured my mojo. So, what's a girl to do.....

I must say that I am quite happy with my progress so far but I am also hoping I don't jinx myself by saying that.

The Gentle Art of Domesticity link on Jenny's blog had to be postponed this past week due to the awful floods up in Townsville which have greatly affected the population including Jenny and her family. With the relentless downpour of rain, humidity, heat and mold growing on everything it must be physically and emotionally draining. 

I have been waiting since 11th January for my book to arrive and it finally came last week. I have had a quick flip through it and look forward to taking time to just sit and read it chapter by chapter.

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend .

Angel Blessings.

Saturday, 2 February 2019


This week Jenny's link up is about books we love and have loved through the years depicting domestic life. As a child I absolutely adored the Little House On the Praire books written by Laura Ingalls about her family 's life and later, as an adult, I became even more fascinated with Laura's life experiences as a wife and mother.

Her inner strength, and physical strength despite being a petite woman truly inspired me . She and her husband were never afraid of hard work, nor were her parents. Infact , one of the quotes on the back of A Little House Sampler by Publishers Weekly said "Laura's writings promote the virtues and happiness to be found in hard work and simple things". I particularly love her writings from the Ozarks and on the inner front sleeve of the book  it says ".......Laura lends her advice to women of her generation on such timeless issues as how to be an equal partner with their husbands, how to support new freedoms they'd won with the right to vote, and how to maintain important family values in their changing world." The essays in this book appeared in the Missouri Ruralist between 1911 and 1924, so WOW! How relevent these issues still are today! 

Ofcourse, I loved" Anne of Green Gables", and "Little Women" but Laura's biographical and journalist writings are foremost in my mind.

So, what domestic things have I been up to? Well, I fiinished hand quilting those coasters.

Being on a partly restricted diet( I say partly because I can now tolerate some things if I don't eat them too often) I don't and never really have baked cakes, desserts or biscuits much. I was always into alternative  healthier foods. However, I sometimes get the urge to bake and there are some nice recipes out there which are Ondrea friendly.  Jenny www.elefantz.com has some lovely suitable recipes and I have baked her rock cakes a few times although I substitute a couple of ingredients if I haven't got them in my pantry. I baked these last week.

Well, I think that is all I have to contribute to this link up. Please have a thought for our dear Jenny and her family during this stressful time up North with the floods. Many have already been evacuated and lost homes . Australia has always been a country of fires, floods and droughts. Down south we currently have bushfires and although they are thankfully  quite a distance from where I live we could still smell smoke all night and I awoke with a husky voice and slight upper respiratory irritation.  

Angel Blessings and hugs to all.

Saturday, 26 January 2019


I am so glad that we finally got air conditioning installed because I probably would not have been able to stitch or crochet without it the past few days. It is week 4 of the CAL and it looks like I need to wait patiently for week 5. I am making the throw or lap size blanket with the 3 repeat colourways  and now I await instructions for the borders. I may have to unpull the last row as Lucy mentioned showing us how to make the last row even in week 5.  It shouldn't be a problem as crochet is fairly easy to unpull and not as tedious as knitting.

I have nearly completed hand stitching 2 sets of coasters. Only 3 left to do and then I can hand quilt them all inside the borders.

I have finished my 2nd book this month.  Yey! It is written by another Australian author. 

Now I am off to finish the coasters.

Angel Blessings.

Tuesday, 22 January 2019


It is that time again joining in Jenny's link up.  This week we ponder our inspiration for creativity in every day things.  Do we take the time to really look at things around us? I have always called this "mindfulness" .  My first awareness that I can recall was when I was a child sleeping at my grandparents'. I would wake up in the morning and see the wardrobe on the wall directly opposite me. The woodgrain fascinated me as I could distinctly see a tree man on each door. It never scared me, just intrigued me. I also loved lying on the grass looking up at the sky and seeing shapes of things in the clouds. I still love doing that. Even the floorboards in my home stimulate my imagination . I have a duck, an eel and even a sad emu's face!

I love the passionfruit flower with its intricate design by nature.

Jenny also mentions how paintings tell us a story. Since I was 15 years old I loved Salvadore Dali's surrealism. I was totally awe struck how he managed to create quite weird paintings which you could also see other things in . What can you see?

I also loved Boticelli's Birth of Venus and was quite disppointed that this particular painting was not at the Louvre , Paris when I visited back in 2015.

My creativity is currently flowing despite lack of sleep and my FMS acting up with the inconsistency of our weather here.  I am only a few days behind with the CAL  and I am quite pleased with how this throw is looking .

I have started making my hexie coasters to match the table runner I made.

I had the urge to make another table topper this morning using fabrics I had bought several years ago for that purpose. Glad I remembered. Hmmm, I did iron it but apparently not well enough! Ironing is not my forte.

Before I went into sewing mode I made my special bread which is in Michael Mosley's book "  The Clever Guts Diet". 

I really don't know where my burst of energy came from considering I was up at 6.30am awoken by a house demolition a few doors behind us. I had to be up anyway as hubby had organised people to come and help in the garden and take some hard rubbish away at 7.15am! This may sound normal to you but I do not sleep much and 6.30am is often 2 or 3 hours into my sleep time. 

Sorry for the lengthy post. I appreciate your visit and wish you many

Angel Blessing.

Sunday, 20 January 2019


Yesterday afternoon I found my mojo to make those personalised pincushions. I still need to find some crushed walnut shells to fill them but at least they are almost complete now. I feel the urge to make some more. Only 3 letters left to collect from Jenny's blog. Hmm, I wonder whose names start with X, Y and Z.

                                 Hope you have had a happy stitching weekend.

                                                             Angel Blessings


Despite having to deal with the aftermath of the horrendous floods, Jenny has still managed to link us up this week with the book study....