Monday, 15 July 2019


It has been a really wet and windy weekend here. I think we had continuous rain for about 48 hours and the winds were quite strong. Perfect weather for stitching and crocheting. I had no sewing time on Saturday but I  did complete Part C of my angel quilt yesterday. Unfortunately, I think I may need to unpick the middle row of squares as they do not match up properly and create a problem with the row on the right hand side.

Today I started on the next part of the quilt but after getting up and down off the floor several times trying to select squares to a ttach to the next block I ran out of oomph. I can't be bothered setting the sewing machine up and I am so tired that I know I will just create a huge unpicking project. I think I will stick to crochet.

                                              Angel Blessings

Saturday, 6 July 2019


A delightful afternoon was spent piecing part B of my angel quilt. So far, everything seems to be coming together nicely. Fingers crossed for the rest of the quilt.

Now that my confidence had been lifted I started part C but didn't get too far due to fading natural light.

During the week I have been hand piecing my little Civil War quilt and one row is finished. ( I had trouble with a block in row 1 so I stitched row 2 and shall return to the first row later). It may look a little wonky but it will be okay once ironed.

I am happy to say that some lovely border fabric for my Little Lucy EPP quilt is arriving next week so I am looking forward to finally finishing the quilt top. It will be good having a few finished projects this year although there are still plenty more UFOs waiting in boxes.

Angel Blessings.

Tuesday, 2 July 2019


Since my last post I have been making slow progress on a few projects but the last couple of days have seen me mostly reading as I have been feeling quite unwell with a bad throat, earache and sore neck. So, after a bit of a lull with reading I have completed another book and I loved it. Infact, I couldn't put it down. I have read another book of Fiona's but this one really hooked me,

Last week I enjoyed making some more hexie flowers which now total 19.  I am still unsure how I want to arrange them for a table topper despite spending ages playing with them.

Part 2 of my angel quilt has been added to the bottom of part one. So now Part A is complete.

            The Dune blanket is growing.

I decided to get back to another little Civil War quilt I had started a while ago.

 Thanks for visiting. May your day be filled with joy. Angel blessings.

Sunday, 23 June 2019


It has taken a while to get to this point so I was delighted to complete the first pieced section of my Angel quilt yesterday. I was a little worried about sorting placement of all the squares but I think it looks okay. Hmmmm, it appears that 2 polar bears are photo bombing.😀

                        My hexie garden has continued to bloom and grow.

The sun is shining but the winter chill is getting into my hands and legs so my stitching has slowed today. I hope you are enjoying your weekend, keeping warm and stitching. ( if you are in the UK I believe you are in for a heatwave, so keep cool. )

                                        Angel Blessings.

Saturday, 15 June 2019


On my last post I was finishing my 3rd hexie flower. Now there are 7.  

A few minutes ago I stitched a label to my Crazy Cats quilt.

Yey! My quilt is officially done after having it quilted back in 2016. One cannot rush these things hehehe.

I have been cutting more squares for my angel quilt but still have about 100 more to do so maybe, just maybe, I can start piecing the quilt very soon.

Have a lovely weekend and I thank you for visiting.

Angel Blessings.

Sunday, 9 June 2019


Making progress brings me joy and urges me to keep stitching until a project is completed. Yesterday I finished the last 2 angel blocks.

The sashings are made with 2 and a half inch squares and I still have about another 150 to cut,

I am also making progress with my EPP table runner. 2 and a half flowers are done.

My crochet is growing.

Angel blessings.

Sunday, 2 June 2019


It is only officially 2 days in to winter and I am over it already.  Wet, cold, windy gloomy days are not exactly uplifting but they are perfect days for a bit of crochet or stitching while watching a movie , listening to a podcast, or simply binge watching a TV series .  I have been determined to complete projects and to finish everything I start instead of putting it away to finish off later. In my experience " later" usually ends up years later or completely forgotten!  I vow that there shall be no more surprise unfinished discoveries when sorting through my sewing room.  So, this weekend I put the binding on my Crazy Cats quilt which was finished and quilted back in 2016. Just a sleeve and label required now.

My 2nd little quilt has now been bound as well. Again, a sleeve and label shall see it completed. I have placed a peg next to it so you can see the size of this quilt.

I have enjoyed the calming rythm of crocheting most evenings . 

Keep snug and warm.

Angel Blessings.


It has been a really wet and windy weekend here. I think we had continuous rain for about 48 hours and the winds were quite strong. Perfect ...