Sunday 27 March 2022



It has been a busy week for me. I usually need to pace myself  by having a day or 2 at home after being out for a day doing some grocery shopping or attending an appointment. However, this past week has been rather hectic with committments, appointments and the regular grocery shopping for my parents and ourselves. I still need to book my car in for a service and it looks like this coming week is very busy too. The brief arrival of cool weather was not kind to me again and having no time to rest meant that my FMS acted up. Hubby is in bed again, same as 3 weeks ago but this time his pain is under control. At least the weather has warmed up again and I took advantage of the sunshine yesterday by replanting my pots on the verandah and cleaning more windows.

My plant stand needs to be sanded and repainted again as the sea air tends to rust things quickly.  The pot stand was my grandmother's so I try to preserve it and the tub was my dad's childhood bath. 

Last night I completed the final wavey row of my blanket and started the 1st crocheted border. I selected the cream colour from my stash to do the 1st border as I thought it would define the borders from the rest of the blanket when I add the blanket colours for the other rows of borders.


Unfortunately the colours look rather washed out in the pic. They are a lot darker in reality.

My daughter has been enjoying crocheting more cute things. These 2 chickies are now in the hands of my grandsons.

If you are an avid reader of Fiona McIntosh you will love her latest novel that I have now finished reading. 

Well, hubby seems content at the moment and I have managed to do this post so I think I will try to do a bit more crocheting now. 

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and stay safe.

Sunday 13 March 2022



The final row of  my little Civil War quilt has been sewn on...sort of. I decided not to add the 8th row because it looked a bit too long. This is due to the quilt not being as wide because I unpicked all the rows of half square triangles that were supposed to be on the side of each block. So, this is it without a border.

Hmm, the border. Here lies another problem. As I bought all my Civil War fabric in 30cm or fat 1/8ths, ( because I cut small pieces),  I don't have any big enough to cut borders from. I do have a couple of larger ones but they do not look suitable for the border.  Most quilt shops down here closed down during the pandemic apart from my local quilter who has her own little shop at home. I know she stocks some Civil War fabric so I may venture out and visit her. Otherwise I shall shop online. So, it looks like this is now a UFO. Bummer ! 

Moving on.....progress with my crocheted blanket. Only a few more rows to do and then I shall crochet the border.

It is a a beautiful warm sunny day here today, a welcome relief from the cooler weather we have had. I was out of action on Friday with a migraine which was probably due to the previous stressful week . Today I actually cleaned some windows!! Note, I said 'some' lol. The rest can wait for another burst of energy. I must find that recharger.

Happy stitching.

Sunday 6 March 2022



Yey! I have finished hand stitching 6 rows of my little Civil War quilt with only 2 more rows to do. 

      Now to raid my stash seeking fabric for the borders.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book , one of the books given to me for Christmas from my youngest daughter. I think I have previously mentioned I share an interest of cults with my daughter . The psychology of it fascinates me. Sadly, too many people get caught up in many cults around the world.

Looks like this post is doing strange things. It disappeared on me , I got it back, and now the text is different sizes. I have no idea why. It has been a stressful week with hubby trying to manage pain unsuccessfully and this is a minor hiccup in comparison so I won't try to redo the post.

Take care and keep safe.